Svenskaya Fair – 2014 г.

On a warm and sunny day of this summer «BryanskSpirtProm” visited the most colorful festival of the summer season in Bryansk city – Svenskaya Fair, which was organized traditionally in the Andrew meadow at the foot of the Svensky monastery. It’s not the first year, when this festival whips together in the Bryansk region representatives of the three countries – Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, which bring to the festival their goods and national crafts.

“BryanskSpirtProm”’s lemonade «Veselye kanikuly” sold like hot cakes. As always festival’s visitors enjoyed tasting drinks. Children enjoyed bright branded balloons and sweet fizzy lemonade with fun labels.

Special attention should be paid to the gifts, which got buyers who bought lemonade “Veselye kanikuly”. There were best things for the upcoming school season bright timetables and fun pens. Amazing celebratory atmosphere prevailed at the meadow till the evening. All visitors were leaving the festival a little bit tired, but happy, and, of course, with the full bags of gifts and quality goods.