Novelty in assortment of “BryanskSpirtProm” Ltd.

October 31 the current year “BryanskSpirtProm” company let out a new product – vodka “Belokrylaya Chaika” (White-winged Seagull). The original simple structure of the drink is perfectly underlined an interesting form of a bottle capacity 0,5l. The fragrant alcohol of coffee, which is the part of vodka «Belokrylaya Chaika» gives to drink refined aroma on a feeling threshold. Soft, pleasant, slightly velvet aftertaste will be estimated by both men, and women. The label is executed in sea subject. The image of the flying seagull, soft lines and white-blue shades of appearance give ease and tranquility to drink.

Vodka «Belokrylaya Chaika» is presented on average price range.

Белокрылая чайка без фона