Trading house

The Group of companies “BryanskSpirtProm” has its own Trading House which deals in the Bryansk region. The Trading House was founded in 2009. All this time the work was done so that the company has become one of the best one in the field of distribution of alcoholic beverages at the regional level. Hard work and efforts have justified themselves. The company continues to grow rapidly not only in the Bryansk region, but also is going to the federal level. Merging with another large distributors network of alcoholic beverages – the “Bryansk Wine-Spirits Company plus” is allowed to increase coverage of territory and increase the quality and scope of provided services.

Currently, the Trading House “BryanskSpirtProm” cooperates with more than 800 entities, which have retail network that covers more than 2,500 shops in Bryansk, Orel, Kaluga, Voronezh regions. In addition, the Trading House supplies alcoholic beverages in the large national retail chains: “Magnet”, “Kopeyka”, “Dixie”, “Metro”, “Line”. In cooperation with the wholesale intermediaries products are delivered to the network “Svenskaya Fair”, “Cranes”, “Kalita”.

Trading house is located at Bryansk 241031, River street, 99.