About Us

Bryanskspirtprom Ltd. – is an up-to-date high-tech diversified enterprise with more than a century old history. Distillery capacity is 1,059,000 decalitres per year.

Currently, product range of BryanskSpirtProm Ltd. includes over 50 names of alcoholic beverages. There are vodkas, balsam, bitters, liquers which are produced at the newest technological equipment. These drinks are manufactured on the basis of high quality spirits with using natural raw materials: herbs, spices, alcoholized fruit juices, etc.

Presentation of «BryanskSpirtProm»`s products

Ingredients for success of the company – is combination of ancient recipes and technological innovations.

The quality of vodka is firstly defined by the quality of water. For Bryansk vodka we use so-called “living water” which extracted from the distillery own artesian well of 178 meters deep and then subjected to a filtration. Vodka passes through an eight stage filtration that conduce removal of foreign odors and impurities. This is adds to drink crystal gloss, transparency and softness of taste.

Our product mix is supplied in such countries as Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the United States, United Kingdom and presents oneself well. On repeated occasions the distillery was honored with the highest awards. Among our awards there are nine “Grand Prix” and 85 gold medals of Russian and international specialized exhibitions of the alcohol industry.
In 2013 Bear Force vodka received the Gold medal in the final of the tasting contest «International Review of Spirits Competition», organized by the international «Beverage Testing Institute» (Chicago, USA).

Today, the key-note of Bryanskspirtprom distillery – is observance of the age-old traditions of quality and tireless work of the development of new products and new technologies.